The story of "Taman Negara" national park beckons many foreigners to ask... what do "Taman Negara" mean? In the national language of Malaysia, Bahasa Melayu, it just simply translates to mean... er...well, simply as "National Park" in plain english. It would seem quite odd just what one really mean when one says Taman Negara National Park. Anyway, in the correct context, it just refers to the largest national park in peninsular Malaysia aptly named as "Taman Negara". Confusing, isn't it?

The park has its roots as a protected game reserve when an area of 1,300 square kilometres of tropical jungle in the state of Pahang was set aside through the Pahang State Legislation in 1925 and named as "The Gunung Tahan Game Reserve".

This area was later expanded in 1938 when the Sultans of Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan collectively combined the present area to be protected as a nature conservation park and declared the park as the King George V National Park with the aim of protecting the flora and fauna that inhabits the area as well as preserving the ecosystem and environment in its natural state. When Malaysia gained her independence in 1957, it was then gazetted by an Act of Parliament to its present name, Taman Negara National Park.

In Malaysia there other protected areas or parks such as the Kenong Rimba Park but Taman Negara is by far the largest in peninsula Malaysia, covering an area of 4,343 square kilometres enveloping a part of the country's three states... Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan.

Area size covered by the park for the three states are...
   Pahang : 2,477 sq km
   Kelantan : 1,043 sq km
   Terengganu : 853 sq km

The Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Pejabat Perhilitan) is given  the task of managing and maintaining the natural heritage of Taman Negara based on the following objectives*...
  • To protect and conserve the flora and fauna in Taman Negara and to maintain the tropical rainforest ecosystem
  • To propagate species of flora and fauna
  • To manage Taman Negara as a sustainable recreational area
  • To conserve all objects and places of historical, aesthetic or scientific interest
  • To provide a natural lab for research on species and habitat found in the tropical rainforest for management purposes.
* objectives referenced from the government of Malaysia official web site at...

Within the park stands peninsular Malaysia's highest mountain, the majestic "Mount Tahan" or "Gunung Tahan" in Bahasa Melayu language. A part of the Main Range mountainous area, this mountain peaks at 2,187 meters offering a challenge to anyone adventurous enough to conquer it especially when one needs the endurance to trek and climb through dense and humid tropical rainforest. On a clear or sunny weather, anyone can get a strategic and clear view of this mountain from afar by trekking up to Teresek Hill. It is required by the Forestry Department for anyone intending to climb this mountain to go for an interview with an forestry official to gauge the climber's fitness plus ability and to also employ a certified special guide to lead the way. The trek and climb up to the peak will usually take about 9 to 11 days depending on weather conditions and, of course, the climbers stamina !
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