Due to unethical & alleged illegal practices by our close competitor that tarnishes the image of Malaysian tourism, there is a need to stress this IMPORTANT ADVICE to all our guests and customers purchasing our HAN Travel packages.

It has come to our attention with evidence from our guests who have booked our packages either from this web site or from our flyers/brochures that have been misled or cheated by parties that purportedly identify themselves as representatives of HAN Travel.

One such incidence is when a person told the guests, when asked while showing our brochure, that this is the HAN Travel sales counter and accepted the package payments and issued vouchers/receipts bearing the logo and company name of our competitor (Nxx Hxxxx & Txxxxx - name omitted for obvious reasons). Misrepresenting as HAN Travel is fraud and tantamounts to cheating. The said guests had actually chosen a particular accommodation but was given another one when they arrived at Taman Negara which they refused to accept and called us.

To ensure that you are making the booking and payments to the GENUINE HAN Travel representatives that only can provide excellent service at the same time do not mislead you, take note of the following...

1) Where possible, make all bookings through this web site taking
    note of our sales offices & counters address and contact phone

2) When making enquiries or bookings from our sales counter or
    offices in person, our HAN Logo is displayed in all the materials
    including signboards, brochures, banners, stickers, and so forth.
    Always refer to our brochures for the sales counter/offices for the
    location and if possible, call us by phone.

3) IMPORTANT ! - our genuine representatives will ONLY ISSUE our
    official vouchers/receipts that clearly identify us with the name and

4) All vouchers/receipts issued by us are only valid when stamped with
    our HAN logo rubber stamp or an authorised one.
    Do take note of this.

5) If, at any time, you are not sure, do not hesitate to contact us by
    email or phone BEFORE making any payments.

YOU CAN FILE A COMPLAINT TO TOURISM MALAYSIA (Under The Ministry Of Culture, Arts & Tourism) AT...

Tourism Malaysia Headquarters
17th Floor, Menara Dato' Onn, Putra World Trade Centre, 45, Jalan Tun Ismail, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Phone: +603-2615 8188   Fax: +603-2693 5884 / 2693 0207
Tourism Infoline : 1-300-88-5050 (within Malaysia only)
Email :
Malaysian Association Of Tour & Travel Agents
No:11, Jalan 1/76, Desa Pandan,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : 603-9287 6881
Fax : 603-9287 6880
Email :

IT is also particularly important NOT to be FOOLED by anyone purportedly saying HAN Travel is also the same as the competitor with the same owner/boss/shareholder.

HAN Travel is a separate entity NOT owned by anyone from the competitor (Nxx Hxxxx & Txxxxx) as well as NOT combining or cooperating in any business relationship.

HAN Travel Package Voucher Sample

All Our HAN Travel vouchers and receipts must bear the company name, logo, address and...
ONLY valid when signed and stamped with our HAN authorised rubber stamp marked by a circle as shown on the bottom right of the sample voucher

HAN Travel is a member of MATTA (Malaysian Association Of Tour & Travel Agents)
Member No : MA2465

ALL MEMBERS are governed by proper CODE OF ETHICS as defined by MATTA

Stated below is an extract of the Code Of Ethics for your reference (pay particular attention to the bold red paragraph)...

1. The MATTA Code Of Ethics :

1.1 What It Means to Our Members

Ethical values in the travel and tourism industry are global requirements. They are the foundation of responsible business and other practices of travel agents, tour and others in the industry.

It is our responsibility to provide tourists, travellers as well as our partners in the travel and tourism industry with reliable information on the journey, the tour, the hospitality arrangements and the conditions of contract in a clear, understandable and unambiguous manner.

Our code of ethics calls on all members to model their conduct on the principles embodied in this Code of Ethics of MATTA and to implement them in good faith in accordance with the provisions contained herein.

This Code is, by no means, an exhaustive compilation of rules which will anticipate every contingency and cover every aspect of our business dealings and practices. It is important that members look beyond the words contained in the Code of Ethics and embrace the practice and spirit of proper business behaviour. While providing guidance to members in ensuring good business practice, it will act as a reminder of the universal values founded on the principles of integrity, competence and devotion to service in the industry.
Other values, such as the protection of the environment, the preservation of culture, the share of mutual benefits with the local communities and guarantee of fundamental rights of employees should also require the attention of members.

This Code will assist the industry to achieve high standards of professionalism, enhance and uphold the dignity of the profession and enable the Association and its members to be role models for others in the industry to emulate and engage in smart partnerships.

1.2 What It Means to Customers & Consumers

The activities of travel agents, tour and ground operators and others in the travel and tourism industry contribute significantly to the economic, social and cultural well-being of the community and country that they operate in.

It is essential that customers and consumers are accorded with standards and obligations of service that meet and satisfy their expectations as well as attain the professional levels contracted for in accordance with the norms of the industry. In a world that has diverse choices for customers and consumers to choose as well as select the company that they do business with, they have the right to a high level of service.

With this Code of Ethics, all MATTA members pledge to provide professional service and to serve their customers and consumers to the best of their abilities.

Customers, consumers and trade business partners who have any reasonable complaint arising out of non-compliance of the Code, may file their complaints in writing to the MATTA Consumers Affairs Board. If such complaints, are unresolved, they will be brought to the attention of the Executive Council of MATTA and, where necessary, the Government licensing authorities.

As a professional association, MATTA will endeavour to promote the highest professional practice amongst members and to reinforce MATTA’s standing as Malaysia’s national association for travel agents and tour operators. In this regard, MATTA will continue to represent the interests of all travel agents, tour and ground operators in the country to achieve greater heights in the travel and tourism industry for the benefits of customers and consumers.

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